Copyright Notice

All Photographs, Videos & Designs are Copyright Protected by Federal Law

Please be advised of the following:

Reproduction in any form must have written permission.    Photos will be
registered with the U.S. Copyright Office,   therefore being FULLY protected
by Federal Law and punishable with the maximum penalties.    There will be no
commercial (per) usage fee for personal farm and horse ads in horse publications
(print or internet) as long as the High Res File has been purchased of the photo
being used and the photo credit is present.    It is the responsibility of the Advertiser
to inform the Publication of these stipulations.    In no other way than to appear in
the publication ad for that farm owner,  will the photo be reproduced in any other
form without written permission.    This includes, but is not limited to posters,
stallion cards, business cards  or  any other promotional item for sales flyers, CD/DVD
archives, screensavers and etc.    Failure to comply will result in a $5,000.00 fee per
photo used illegally, per use or maximum Federal Penalty.

Please inquire for a current photography fee schedule, which is subject to change without notice.



SGD photos, videos, productions & designs are the property of and copyrighted by SavannaH LTD & Rousseau INC.
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